His 'Symphonic Variations' are a riot of inventive orchestration
- Alex Ross, "The New Yorker" (03/2014)
[Stabat Mater by Ignacy Zalewski] is interesting and a important addition to the modern passion repertoire.


       - Jakub Strużyński, "Ruch Muzyczny" (4/2018)

This is a first-class humor, unobtrusive, requiring the use of imagination.
That's how you can describe the relationship Zalewski can make
with the audience. Participation in his music is a kind of game, ambiguous, addictive, intriguing.


                     - Agnieszka Olek, "Presto" (30.05.2014)

The work of Mr. Ignacy Zalewski (...) is exploratory, brave, full of energy and rich imagination. It is an interesting complement to the  contemporary music, both Polish and international.

- Prof. Aleksander Lasoń
(Ignacy's PhD review; fragment)
Ambitious program: at the beginning the premiere of a piece by just 24-year-old Ignacy Zalewski (piece of work, a little over a quarter, very efficient use of a large orchestra; a bit eclectic style, but the author definitely has something to say).

- Dorota Szwarcman

Ignacy Zalewski, PhD, DSc - Warsaw-based multiple award-winning composer, conductor and lecturer (Associate Professor at Chopin University of Music in Warsaw). Dean of Faculty of Composition and Theory of Music at Chopin University of Music (2020-2024).

His recent pieces (2017-2020) were commissioned by Polish National Opera, The Arthur Rubinstein Philharmonic (Lodz, Poland), International Festival of Traditional and Avant-garde Music CODES, Warsaw Music Encounters Festival, 10th Interdisciplinary Lenten Festival "The New Epiphanies"  Reverb Ensemble,  The Oskar Kolberg Świętokrzyska Philharmonic (Kielce, Poland).

In last few years Ignacy's music was performed in USA, Germany, Japan, Norway, Ukraine, Slovenia, Estonia, Vietnam and Singapore.

He is particularly interested in orchestral music - his (over a dozen) symphonic works were premiered by Trondheim Symphony Orchestra, Slovenian Radio and Television Symphony Orchestra, Lviv Philharmonic Orchestra, Polish Radio Symphony Orchestra, Rubinstein Philharmonic Orchestra (Lodz), Lublin Philharmonic Orchestra, The Oskar Kolberg Świętokrzyska Philharmonic (Kielce, Poland), Opole Philharmonic, Chopin University Symphony Orchestra and many more. 

Since 2009 Ignacy is active as a contemporary music conductor.

He was a co-founder and member (conductor & composer) of Hashtag Ensemble (2013-2018). He also collaborated with United Instruments of Lucilin (Luxembourg). Since 2018 he is a conductor of Chopin University Modern Ensemble (Chopin Modern).

He premiered dozens of new pieces on major Polish new music festivals (Musica Electronica Nova in Wroclaw, Poznan Spring, Warsaw Music Encounters, Warsaw Music Gardens etc.). He performed works by L. Andriessen, A. Part, Thierry de Mey, Michael Schelle, in W. Lutoslawski Polish Radio Concert Studio in Warsaw, NFM Wroclaw Philharmonic, Rubinstein Philharmonic in Lodz, Warsaw Royal Castle, Lancut Castle, Poznan Academy of Music, Chopin University of Music in Warsaw.

His music was recorded on 12 CDs.

He has his own broadcast on RDC Polish Radio called "Not only Chopin", dedicated to unknown Polish classical music. 

Ignacy loves dogs, video games (especially on Play Station and Nintendo Switch), architecture. He is also an enthusiast of forgotten/neglected classical music from the past.